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Online PR Management

Press release optimization and online public relations play a vital role in shaping the perception of your business, website, products, and services.

Designs by Inet doesn’t stop with the simple release of company news and events, however.

Social Media Optimization

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a host of other social media sites are now where people gather to discuss what they’re doing, what they like, and what they don’t. Becoming part of those conversations via social media optimization provides an extremely exciting venue enabling you to communicate with millions of people in real time.

Local Search Engine Optimization

One of the most common ways people search for product information is to type in a keyword or phrase followed by a reference to their local area. For instance, if someone wants to order a pizza, narrowing the search by entering “pizza Santa Monica, CA.” on a search engine is much more likely to bring up the restaurants in the local area

Blog marketing can play an extremely important role in shaping the public view of your company. A weekly or bi-weekly blog can provide fresh content for your site,

Contextual advertising is a great way to either jump start a new search engine optimization campaign or to extend your existing advertising reach.

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